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Challenges and facilitators in supporting sustainable participation after rehabilitation: Experiences of immigrant parents and their children with disabilities

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Background: Children with immigrant backgrounds and disabilities have lower rates of social participation compared with their non-immigrant counterparts. However, rehabilitation programmes offer an opportunity to promote a physically active lifestyle and increase home and community participation of children with disabilities.

Objectives: By exploring immigrant families’ experiences of participation and associated challenges and facilitators after rehabilitation, the study intended to contribute to the development of potential pathways in supporting sustainable community-based participation.

Methods: The study used a qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews.

Results: The costs and lack of information, necessary skills, and local activities were among the barriers that families experienced after the rehabilitation. Local and rehabilitation professionals were not always aware of or prepared to address the challenges faced by families trying to become physically active. Parents expressed their needs for support and continuation of services after rehabilitation for moving towards an active lifestyle. Participation patterns among children highlighted the potential role of support contacts as facilitators for participation in physical activities among the families.

Conclusions: Establishing an efficient collaboration between local and rehabilitation professionals with identifying potential future challenges, adjusting the interventions, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and providing supportive follow-up services may support sustainable community-based participation among immigrant families.

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PhD- stipendiat Shahrzad Arfa


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