BHSS sett fra lufta på vinteren. Foto: Nicolay Flaaten
BHSS sett fra lufta på vinteren. Foto: Nicolay Flaaten

Beitostølen Healthsports Center

- A pioneer institution within rehabilitation
- Focus on the potential by means of adapted physical activities

Beitostølen Healthsports Center (BHC) is a re-/habilitation institution in the specialist health services that provides services to children, young people and adults with various diagnoses, disabilities and functional levels. Activity and participation that focus on opportunities instead of constraints will always be an important guiding principle in the

BHC combines the use of adapted physical activity with medical, educational and social guidance and follow- up. The user's involvement and responsibility for their own re-/habilitation process is key.


BHC is located 830 meters above sea level in Øystre Slidre municipality, 230 km northwest of Oslo. The Center was established through cooperation between Erling Stordahl (1923 – 1994) and central authorities, funded by the Lions Club and opened in 1970.  

Approximately 900 children, young people and adults come to stay at BHC every year. The offer is free for users who are entitled to re-/habilitation with us.

The overall goal of the intensive offer is to create a basis for increased activity and participation in the local environment. The stay is organized and implemented by a interdisciplinary team that includes a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, sports teacher, equestrian instructor/equestrian physiotherapist, doctor, nurse and social worker. In addition to the compulsory offer during the day, optional activities and social programs are provided in the afternoon and during evening hours.

Our modern activity facilities and equipment, combined with inspiring nature, give us the flexibility to offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities adapted to the individual's needs. Particular emphasis is placed on activities that are transferable to the user's own local environment and in their everyday life.



Activity aids

BHC has gained solid expertise in activity aids through long and comprehensive experience with the use of aids during the daily activity offer. Adaptation of activity aids plays an increasingly important role in achieving activity and participation in step with community development, new activity trends and technological developments. Functional assessment, trying out equipment and training in the use of equipment and aids for those who wish to do so, is provided as part of the stay at BHC.

The center really focuses on being in the forefront when it comes to the development of activity aids. We also assist producers and suppliers with the development and testing of aids. 


The dissemination of education and knowledge

Beitostølen Healthsports Center has the continuous goal of conducting the dissemination of knowledge through courses, seminars and educational programs. This is done mainly within the core area of “Physical activity and disability”, from both a health-related and educational perspective.

A key part of the center’s activity is to develop and adapt experience and research and development based knowledge for teaching purposes. This is an important part of the center’s development as a leading center of excellence in its field of study, both nationally and internationally.

Approximately 250 students from colleges and universities conduct their study practice placements with us each year. With an interdisciplinary approach and great emphasis on user contact in practice situations, knowledge and attitudes are developed in the field of study through an opportunity-oriented approach. Students are involved in daily operations and participate in interdisciplinary meetings.



Beitostølen Healthsports Center conducts development work and research activities that help promote active participation in a life-cycle perspective.

Since its start in 1970, the center has emphasized the documentation of its own activities as a basis for professional development and quality improvement.

The “Physical activity and disability” field of expertise was “born” at BHC and grows steadily larger and stronger, both nationally and internationally.

Research issues are generated through integration of practice experiences, user experiences and research skills. The research is closely connected to practice and aims to provide new knowledge for further development of the re-/habilitation field, where adapted physical activity and health sports are included as the main form of remedy.



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